Teeth Cleaning and Dental Hygiene

teeth-whitening-acton-dentistry-wentzvillePreventive dental care is the foundation for a twice yearly dental hygiene visit with Dr. Slaven, Dr. Bruening, Dr. Tinker and Dr. Bruening. In our office, our dentists and team believe in good oral health through good habits in preventative dentistry and patient education. The goal of Drs. Slaven, Bruening and Fields is to work with you to improve and maintain your natural smile, for as long as possible.  This will give you the chance to live a lifetime of great oral health and general wellness.

ActOn Dentistry’s dental hygiene team provide complete hygiene examinations, using the newest digital x-ray technology and other advanced equipment. We look for dental conditions such as periodontitis, tooth loss, and TMJ. These specific dental conditions can have direct links to health concerns such as heart disease, chronic headaches, and stroke. Your 6 month hygiene visits give Drs. Fields, Bruening and Slaven and their hygienist the chance to evaluate your oral health. We help to educate patients on how they can participate in their own oral health by teaching them the best practices for good oral hygiene at home.

Your oral  health impacts the overall health of your body.  It is much more than just your smile. Our dedicated dentists and team promote oral health through preventive dentistry and open, communication. For the most comprehensive, patient-focused dental care, schedule your next dental hygiene visit with Wentzville, MO dentists Drs. Tinker, Slaven, Bruening, and Breuning of ActOn Dentistry.