Metal-Free Fillings In Wentzville

metal-free-fillings-dentist-acton-dentistry-wentzvilleDr. Slaven, Dr. Bruening, Dr. Bruening and Dr. Tinker and all our team at ActOn Dentistry, offer metal-free fillings.  We don’t like metal in our mouths either. So, no metal here in Wentzville, St. Charles or West County!

Metal-free or amalgam-free fillings, also referred to as composites or white fillings, are the method we choose to offer you a more natural look!  There are two main ingredients used in metal-free fillings, plastic resin and a filler of finely ground glass-like particles.  The composite fillings are designed to blend in naturally with the tooth enamel and match the tooth’s color.  No more metal or silver in your teeth!

At ActOn Dentistry, we are aware that bonded resin restorations offer the best long-term benefits. With metal or amalgam fillings, contraction and expansion often occurs, causing cracks in the structure of the tooth.  Our composite resin fillings bond to the tooth completely, eliminating any gaps surrounding the filling.  Metal-Free fillings work with your teeth instead of pushing against the tooth like amalgam fillings.

Because we believe in using the most up-to-date technology, we use a method that allows a quick flow of composite into the tooth for smooth placement. The resin material picks up the natural colors of the tooth structure. This creates both a natural look and feel. This instrument aids us in performing a fast and successful metal free procedure!

If you are seeking the best health option for amalgam-free or metal free fillings in contact ActOn Dentistry we want you to have the best natural smile possible.

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