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Dentures are believed to exist as early as 700 B.C., but some of the most famous are George Washington’s false teeth.  George’s false teeth have been a popular discussion in classrooms across the country for years.

Luckily, false teeth or dentures, have dramatically improved since George’s day.  Conventional dentures are removable.  Full dentures mean that all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw are being replaced.  A partial is when some natural teeth remain in either jaw.  Additionally terms include maxillary, which means upper and mandibular which means lower.

Today’s dentures are designed to replicate your natural teeth and bite. Partial dentures are often built on a metal framework attached to your existing teeth to keep the partial properly positioned.

Multiple appointments are required to complete the procedure for conventional dentures. Also, there is approximately eight to twelve weeks of healing after the natural teeth being replaced have been extracted so the area can heal. There are dentures that can be placed more immediately.  These dentures can be discussed at your first appointment.

While we’ve discussed traditional dentures on this page, we want you to know there is still options and many different denture designs, some of which use dental implants to anchor themselves in the mouth. Everyone is unique.  So is our office.  We use intra oral cameras to help you determine your best route of care.  The intra oral camera is pain less and puts your teeth on the screen by your chair so we can show you areas of your mouth and teeth that you can’t see.  This helps our team and you stay on the same page.

If you are missing teeth and considering dentures as a replacement, talk to our dentists Dr. Slaven, Dr. Tinker, Dr. Bruening or Dr. Bruening about your many options including ActOn Implants.

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