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cosmetic-dentist-acton-dentistry-wentzvilleHaving a smile you love and are comfortable with can be a great boost to your confidence and self-esteem. If you’re living a life with a smile you aren’t proud of, Dr. Slaven, top cosmetic dentistry and periodontist specialist for the Wentzville and Ballwin areas, can help you do something about it!

Smile design is like a dental work of art that turns the imperfect smile into one worth showing off. Whatever the inspiration for your new smile, Dr. Slaven has the ability to design a smile that meets your requirements.

After careful consideration of your personality and facial characteristics, you and Dr. Slaven will design a unique plan of some of the most advanced cosmetic dental treatments. Dr. Slaven approaches your treatment plan like he would an architectural blueprint.  For the best optimization, he works with the lab to create a diagnostic wax mold of your new smile. The diagnostic mold will give you the opportunity to address any concerns and allows the doctor to make any necessary adjustments.  This process provides you with confidence that your smile makeover will be treated with the accuracy and attention to detail you deserve.

ActOn Dentistry takes several factors into consideration when preparing for this process including:

  • Facial characteristics, such as contour and shape.
  • The size and dimensions of your teeth.
  • The symmetric midpoint of your smile.
  • The angle of your teeth.
  • Your lip line and gum line.
  • Your coloring, including skin tone and the color of your eyes.

Dr. Slaven will present you with treatment options that will help you decide what cosmetic dentistry service will help you achieve the most naturally stunning results.

Smile design by our Wentzville Dentists has been known to produce life-changing results!  Dr. Slaven helps patients smile with confidence and beauty. Contact our office to schedule your smile design consultation today!

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