Emergency Dentist in Wentzville

Where can I find an emergency dentist in Wentzville?

Here at ActOn Dentistry, your emergency dentist in Wentzville is here for you when you need it most. With a state-of-the-art dental office, equipped with the most leading-edge diagnostic and treatment modalities, our professional team of dentists provides the highest quality emergency and restorative care, so that you can continue smiling in the best possible oral health. Whether you’re experiencing a toothache, or have sustained a dental injury, our staff is fully prepared to provide you with the gentle and compassionate care you deserve.

Emergency Dentist in Wentzville

With traumatic dental injuries, your emergency dentist in Wentzville will perform a careful examination to determine the precise underlying cause of your oral pain. Using the most sophisticated imaging technology, our dentist can check for a comprehensive range of possible issues. Oftentimes, following a dental injury, the vital tissue deep inside of the tooth can become irreversibly damaged. This is actually quite common, and can be addressed with a routine procedure, known as root canal therapy. Root canal therapy treats the inside of the tooth, alleviating the ache, and preventing further issues from occurring.

Responsible for saving tens of thousands of teeth across the nation each and every day, root canal therapy today is comfortable as getting a cavity filled, and has a success rating which approaches 100%! Our dentists are highly experienced in performing root canal therapy, and will perform your procedure with the utmost care. Following treatment, a restorative filling or dental crown will be placed to restore the structural integrity of the tooth. Making use of only the highest dental grade materials, our dentists have established a reputation for producing seamless results.

If you have sustained a dental injury, or are experiencing oral pain of any kind, your emergency dentist in Wentzville is here for you. From the highest quality endodontic and restorative care, to the treatment of cavities and toothaches, you’ll be in the very best of hands at ActOn Dentistry. To schedule your visit, call now.

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