Dental Office in Wentzville

Wentzville Dental Office

You may not be aware, but diabetes can have an effect on your oral health. If you’re among the 29.1 million people living in the US with diabetes, you should consider visiting your dental office in Wentzville to discuss your oral care regimen with your dentist. At ActOn Dentistry, their highly experienced and skilled dentists are there to carefully address any oral health problems you have, and answer any questions you might have about maintaining your oral health. Emphasizing a preventative approach to dentistry, they strive to stop and intercept dental conditions before they arise or develop.

Dental Office in Wentzville

Diabetes affects your body’s ability to process sugar and can result in poor blood sugar control. In conjunction with increasing age, poorly managed blood sugar levels have been observed to increase risk for gum problems in diabetic patients. Gum disease is the most common dental disease among patients living with diabetes, affecting as many as 22% of patients diagnosed with the disease. In serious cases of gum disease, the blood sugar can rise as a result, and make diabetes more difficult to control, increasing susceptibility to infection and bacteria in the gums. At ActOn Dentistry, your dental office in Wentzville, your dentist can provide treatments for gum disease, and help you to establish and maintain your oral health through a consistent oral care regimen. Providing regular and deep cleanings, as well as instructing you in the most effective ways to brush and floss, your dentist can help you keep your oral health on the right track, and improve your management of diabetes.

According to a recent study from the American Dental Association, practicing good oral hygiene and having professional deep cleanings may help to lower your average blood sugar levels. To get on top of your oral health as well as your diabetes, come to your friendly dental office in Wentzville for the treatment you require for better overall health. To make an appointment, call ActOn Dentistry at the number listed below.


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