Wentzville Toothache

Toothache in Wentzville

Toothaches. Just about everyone gets them sooner or later. Why not be prepared by having a dental office that you have confidence in and feel comfortable with their care? If you’re new to Wentzville, toothaches and other forms of dental pain are best left to the experts. Enter: ActOn Dentistry, your resource for general, emergency and cosmetic dentistry in the area. If you’re experiencing chronic oral pain or believe you are having a dental emergency, the dentists at ActOn are well equipped to diagnose and treat your aching teeth or any oral health issues, providing quality service in care with state of the art facilities, technology and a gentle touch.


Wentzville Toothache

Among the most common forms of dental pain in Wentzville, toothaches are typically the result of untreated cavities, but can also be caused by a surprising variety of underlying conditions.  Gum disease, infections, impacted teeth, and tooth trauma to TMJ, infections of the sinus and ear, and even angina can cause pain in the teeth or jaws. This is why it’s important to get prompt diagnosis and care and to  rule out any possibilities that can have serious consequences to your overall health. If you have been in pain for more than one day, you shouldn’t hesitate to call ActOn Dentistry. Left untreated, your condition may worsen and may result in the need for more extensive treatment.

The reality is that toothaches always manage to happen at the worst possible time. At work. Out on a date. During your day off. If you work or go to school by Wentzville, toothaches can mean the difference between being able to concentrate on your work or not. Luckily, the experts at ActOn Dentistry are here to help, providing emergency and general dental care. And in the event of tooth trauma or loss, ActOn also offers a comprehensive variety of cosmetic options for restoring and enhancing your smile. So, in the event of a dental emergency or dental pain, don’t wait to get treatment; ActOn it!


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