Wentzville Dental Implants

Replace missing teeth in Wentzville

Wentzville dental implants

Wentzville dental implants

Whenever you lose a tooth, the force of your bite shifts to the teeth next to the empty space. As your bite changes, it may cause difficulty in chewing, damage to your jaw, cause other teeth to shift and extrude out of socket, and also makes it harder to clean teeth, resulting in tooth decay and periodontal diseases. That is why it is critical to seek an oral surgeon for tooth restorations and Wentzville dental implants to ensure your teeth and mouth maintain their proper function, form, health, and beauty.

If you’re interested in replacing missing teeth or fixing broken teeth with dental implants, we will perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether your health and lifestyle make you’re a good candidate for this relatively new approach to restorative dentistry. An artificial tooth secured by dental implants is an excellent option for replacing a missing tooth. These are titanium cylinders that are surgically placed in your jaw to serve as an artificial tooth root, which helps to fend off the bone loss that occurs when a tooth is missing. This method allows our oral surgeon to avoid placing a dental bridge, which can weaken the adjacent natural teeth. You can also use dental implants to support either a lower denture or bridge to keep the pressure off the bone the nerve. Since our Wentzville dental implants are practically indistinguishable from your natural teeth, and since they do not alter the structure and integrity of the adjacent teeth, an implant it the next best thing to your natural tooth. However, the procedure may require several months to complete as it can take about three to four months for the dental implants to fuse to your bone tissue. Afterwards, you’ll need to visit us up to four times a year for a cleaning to ensure proper healing and hygiene of the dental implant.

Regardless of what your particular dental implant and tooth replacement needs may be, finding the right oral surgeon can be a difficult decision to make. However, at ActOn Dentistry, our experience and expertise evolves with the field of implant dentistry, allowing us to offer you the most advanced care possible. Contact us now for further information regarding Wentzville dental implants, and we can help determine if this restorative procedure is right for you.

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