Teeth Cleaning in Wentzville

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Teeth Cleaning in Wentzville

Teeth Cleaning in Wentzville

Good dental health requires a variety of components and one of them is our teeth cleaning in Wentzville. Certainly, it’s important that you adhere to a nutritious diet that limits your amount of sugar. You also need to brush after meals and floss on a daily basis. Doing those things will give you a huge advantage in stopping the effects of plaque, that film-like substance that is the primary culprit in both tooth decay and gum disease. But the truth is that plaque is very sneaky. It can evade the reach of your brushing and flossing efforts. What remains can harden and turn into tartar, after which it is not possible to remove it outside of the teeth cleaning we provide at ActOn Dentistry.

ActOn Dentistry’s dental hygiene team provide complete hygiene examinations, using the newest digital x-ray technology and other advanced equipment. We look for dental conditions such as periodontitis, tooth loss, and TMJ. These specific dental conditions can have direct links to health concerns such as heart disease, chronic headaches, and stroke. Your 6 month hygiene visits give Drs. Matthew Slaven, Graham Tinker, Carissa Bruening and Andrew Bruening and their hygienist the chance to evaluate your oral health. We help to educate patients on how they can participate in their own oral health by teaching them the best practices for good oral hygiene at home.

If our exam reveals any indications of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, the best and most effective way to correct that is with a teeth cleaning. Sometimes a second cleaning is necessary to completely reverse it, but compared to the more complicated methods used for advanced gum disease, this is a minor inconvenience at worst. Our teeth cleaning in Wentzville will leave you feeling fresh. Plaque, tartar, and any remaining food particles will be eradicated, giving you a new starts on your oral health. Why wait? Call us and schedule yours right now.

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