Wentzville Family Dentist Throws Party

Wentzville Dentist ActOn Dentistry

Wentzville Family Dentist, Announces

Splash Bash 2016  July 8th 8:30 pm -10:00 pm

Patient Appreciation, Private, Pool Party!

Free Admission!

Free Drinks! Free Snacks!

Games & Prizes! Dj and dancing!

Splash Station Aquatic Park

1141 Peine Road

Wentzville, MO 63385

Click here for the MAP.

Call our office at 636-327-5600 or email tkbyrnes@gmail.com for more details.

We believe our most important job is to ensure you and your children receive the very best dental care our profession has to offer.  We strive to listen to your needs and create dental plans that best suit you and your goals. We also strive to develop a great rapport with you and your family.

Our vision of a great dental practice includes a healthy, family style relationship with the families that come to ActOn Dentistry. Like other great families, we try to host events where we can enjoy each other’s company, create great memories and above all, show you that you are important to us.  We feel very proud and honored to have such wonderful patients at ActOn Dentistry.

We also feel incredible blessed for the glowing online reviews and mentions in social media.  Yes, we do see these. We celebrate them too! These days, local businesses can get lost in the clutter.  Getting the message out can be a challenge. Therefore, we thank you for the large number of referrals we receive every month and the word of mouth advertising that we depend on to grow our practice.

So, in honor of you, we would like to celebrate you!  Please gather your family for ActOn Dentistry’s Splash Bash 2016, our 3Rd Annual Pool Party.  Can you bring a guest? Of course!  Please bring a guest…we love making new friends!

Splash Bash 2015 was a blast.  Our favorite quote of the night, “coolest dentist ever.” The children were so happy splashing around, cheering on the ducks and making new friends. It was also the first chance some kids had to introduce their parents to their classmates. Neighbors hung out for the first time on rafts together and friendships begun.  We are so proud of this event because of the great memories that are always made.  This year should be even better.  We are introducing our expanding team. Dr. Matthew Slaven, Dr. Graham Tinker, Dr. Carissa Bruening and Dr. Andrew Bruening are all looking forward to meeting your family.


ActOn Dentistry Splash Bash

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